Saturday, November 2, 2013


Okay, Okay, You ready for this?! Joel and I went up to park city a few weeks ago. We wanted a little treat so we stepped into Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory. I was feeling festive so my treat selection was a caramel apple. Hold up....This was no ordinary caramel apple. This was the "apple pie" caramel apple. Let's just say this little caramel apple ROCKED MY WORLD! After I partook in that deliciousness I was  craving it again and again. I didn't want to drop $6.50 on each apple so I went searching for a copycat recipe and my golly was it a simple one. 
All you need is:
Granny smith apples
Apple sticks
White chocolate
First, Scrub all that yucky wax  off that apple. If you skip this step the caramel doesn't stick as well. Once completely dried put your sticks in the top. Second melt or make your caramel so it has that gooey consistency. Dip away and let harden up on wax paper.
After the Caramel has hardened melt your white chocolate in the microwave on 30 seconds increments. Make sure you are stirring in between each 30 seconds. Dip the caramel apple into the chocolate and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. 
Let the apple sit for 30 minutes to harden. We've made these twice and I've learned that less is more when dealing with the caramel and chocolate. The first time we made these I loaded them up with the C&C. They were still yummy but I like a certain ratio of apple taste to toppings. GO make these now, your mouth will thank me! 

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