Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY framed headboard

Joel and I got a king size bed for our anniversary this year. We wanted a headboard to go with it but because we are moving soon didn't want to spend much money on it. After some research this is what we came up with.   

Here's what you need:
Spray Glue
L and small brackets 
Wood trim
Button kit 
Upholstering needle
Upholstering thread
Upholster staple gun and staples

First off figure out the dimensions of your bed. Ours is a Cali king which is 72 inches in width. We went with a peg board, these boards are a little more flimsy but it saved us the step of measuring and cutting out our holes. Just figure out where you want the buttons and how many in each row. 
First off I covered my buttons with the fabric. I bought 4 packs of the 7/8 size buttons at hobby lobby. It gives you the instructions on the back. I used the same fabric for both the buttons and the headboard.   

Once the peg board was cut I laid down the foam and cut it to size. Use the spray glue to attach foam and add the batting over the foam.
Pull the batting tight (usually a two person job) and secure with staple gun. Iron your fabric and lay over battling. Once again pull tight and secure with staples. Make sure you get all the wrinkles out while stapling. I did the top and bottom then the sides. 
I used washers on the back to secure the thread. Joel was on one side and we fed the string to each other then tied it tight to the washer. 
When that was done we added the wood trim that was secured by the L brackets to the fabric. Any type of bracket would work.
We went with these little four hole ones. 
Last attach the whole headboard to the 2x4 legs. 
And there you have it, the bed pushes it up against the wall so we don't have to worry about it moving.
This whole project cost us $10 because we had almost everything on hand!